About Us

About Us

15 Years of Experience

Dessamo acts with 15 years of experience and a constant understanding of quality in all processes from raw material input to product shipment. We carry out each step in these processes with a single purpose and feeling: Perfect results.

Customer Satisfaction

In line with its business ethics and values, Dessamo adopts unconditional customer satisfaction as a basic principle.

Right Timing

We develop an effective planning and implementation process to successfully complete projects as soon as possible.

Why Choose Us?

Our company, which aims to bring together a highly aesthetic style in its products with its customers in the fastest and most appropriate way, questions the product quality at a level worthy of Dessamo, sees quality as a beginning, not a result of production, and directs all its production within the framework of this understanding.Dessamo, which has brought its development within the marketing structure to an extremely serious dimension, will continue this development by increasing the power and faith it receives from you.