Boutique Hotel Furniture

Boutique Hotel Furniture

Boutique hotel furniture; It is one of the furniture types that is important in terms of customer satisfaction. Boutique hotel; It is among the most preferred hotel types. Boutique hotels widely found in various countries; It is also quite common in Turkey.

Boutique hotels generally have a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 100 rooms. It is frequently preferred by individuals who do not like to take a vacation in crowded places. Boutique hotels generally look like mansions and have less staff. Hotel room designs and decoration are unique.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Furniture in Boutique Hotels

The interior design of boutique hotels is as important as the exterior appearance. The main purpose of the boutique hotel is to provide a home environment for its users. The right choice of boutique hotel furniture is important. For this reason, hotel room furniture in boutique hotels should be in plain tones. The color to be used between selected hotel furniture; it should not be a dark color.

Heavy furniture should be avoided to provide boutique hotel room concepts. Wood colors in light tones can be preferred for furniture. In addition, with the help of light colored decorations, the boutique hotel can be transformed into a home environment.

How Should Boutique Hotel Decorations Be?

When it comes to boutique hotels, the first thing that comes to mind is decoration. There are some points to be considered for boutique hotel decorations. These points can be listed as follows:

  • The first thing to do when creating a boutique hotel is to determine a style. Boutique hotels with a certain style are preferred more because of their originality.
  • Using matching colors and tones for boutique hotel furniture makes hotel decoration easier.
  • Outside decoration should also be given importance. Exterior decoration and interior decoration should be in harmony with each other.
  • While decorating a boutique hotel, other hotels can be taken as an example. However, care should be taken that the decoration is not the same as other boutique hotels.
  • Various accessories to be used in boutique hotels will also help in the arrangement of interior and exterior decorations.

Considering these details, it will be easy to decorate boutique hotels.

Boutique Hotel Type Living Room

It is important to design the living room in hotel room plans. Patterns and furniture can be highlighted in boutique hotels. If a textured surface is preferred for the walls, this surface; it will add depth to the room. Thus, the room will appear wider. If there is enough space in the living room, a dresser can be placed next to the area with boutique hotel furniture.

Boutique Hotel Type Bedroom

Bedroom is important among boutique hotel furniture. If this room in the boutique hotel is wide enough, large size beds may be preferred for the hotel-type bedroom. Being comfortable is also important for customer satisfaction.

In addition, the use of collapsible beds in boutique hotels saves space. Beds in this model can also be preferred. Embroidered fabrics can also be preferred for use in the bedroom. When wood is used for the beds, a more suitable concept is created for the boutique hotel concept.

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