Dormitory Furniture

Dormitory Furniture

Dormitory furniture should provide students with an efficient, comfortable and healthy living space. In the dormitories, where they spend the most time outside of school, furniture made of quality materials should be included. Furniture that offers both pleasant working space and sleeping comfort;

  • Study desk
  • Bookshelf
  • Cabinet
  • Bed
  • Bunk

The shape can be increased. The dimensions of the rooms are especially important in choosing furniture. Both stylish appearance, comfort and spaciousness should be combined.

Dormitory Bunk Bed

Dormitory bunk bed is one of the most basic furniture found in every dormitory. It can be used with single beds, but bunk beds are generally preferred in crowded dormitories. Bunk dimensions should be determined according to the average height and weight of the students. It saves space and provides a comfortable sleep. It is one of the most important options that can be preferred as dormitory furniture. Prices and models of bunk beds in dormitory rooms with different features may also vary.

Beds used in bunk beds should be comfortable. Students can sleep more efficiently and feel more ready for the day with comfortable beds. Some models of bunk beds also have a drawer. In this way, each student can store their personal belongings more easily. Feet and head tips can also be prepared in different ways.

Study Desk in the Dormitory Room

The desk is one of the areas where students spend the most time in the dormitory. It is very important to be produced using carcinogenic and anti-bacterial materials. It should not be harmful to the environment and child health. Height and depths should be determined ergonomically. Students’ waist and neck should not be in sizes that would endanger their health.

Dormitory furniture can be produced using wood or metal materials. Especially using profiles and chipboards with increased metal strength increases the durability. The color of the desk should be determined in a way that does not disturb the dormitory order. Despite scratching the paint, static baked matte paint is used. A study chair should be purchased along with the working table.

Dormitory Room Library Selection

Libraries used both in the room and in the common areas are among the most basic furniture found in dormitory rooms. Sufficient length and width are important for both students and space saving. Dimensions should be considered first when choosing a library. Since more than one person’s books will be placed, sufficient size should be determined accordingly. There are fairy tale, classic and modern library models. The durability of the shelves is also very important. Classical libraries are generally preferred as dormitory furniture. These models have doors with or without glass. Dim lighting can also be found on the top shelves of these models. In this way, students can reach the book they want more easily.

Dormitory Cabinet

It is the most important material used in the selection of dormitory cabinets. The appearance of the cabinets, whether they are useful or not, whether they have sufficient size and colors are factors to be considered during selection. Wooden or metal cabinets are preferred in the dormitories. It should be in harmony with the color of the environment and also have a locking system. Multi-section and drawer cabinets should be preferred.


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