Hospital Furniture

Hospital Furniture

Hospital furniture is important for the patient’s health, but also for the comfort of the patient’s relatives, doctors and healthcare professionals. It consists of products such as hospital beds, operating room tables, examination tables, patient transport stretchers, and hospital cabinets. Each of these products is among the products that should be found in all hospitals.

Hospitals are institutions where patients are examined, all kinds of treatment methods are carried out, and they include many health personnel. The most important condition for choosing furniture is the hygiene requirement.

Features of Hospital Furniture

There are many differences between hospital furniture consisting of items such as intensive care cots, wheelchairs and hospital tables, and standard furniture. Hospital furniture is designed for patients to pass the hospital process comfortably and these have some features. The features of the beds that should be found in the hospital are as follows:

Bedsteads, which are one of the hospital furniture and produced as two movable hospital beds; It is a bed frame that allows the feet and head of patients to be bent.
Triple movable hospital beds provide up and down movement for all regions.
The quadruple movable hospital bed is generally used for patients in intensive care.
Every patient; can not use every bed. Hospital beds differ according to health problems. In addition, there are specially designed dining tables for people who are hospitalized. With these tables, the eating need of the patient is easily met.

Furniture Designed for Hospital Companions

The health of the relatives of the patients who are with the patients is as important as the health of the patients. For this reason, there are many types of companion seats. The general features of the companion seats are as follows:

  • Sponges suitable for the body structure are used in these seats.
  • Thanks to the sofa-bed feature on the seats, the companion is given the opportunity to sleep.
  • Thanks to their wide structure, they are suitable for every individual.

Parallel to these features, all products are manufactured by the manufacturers of hospital furniture. The companion seat in the HOSPITAL furniture can be used throughout the day and can be used as a bed at night. In this way, a comfortable environment is provided for patient relatives.

What Should Be Considered When Purchasing Companion Chair?

The companion seat shown among the furniture is different from the standard seats. Because these seats have a special mechanism system. With this mechanism, it can take the form of both a sofa and a bed. Therefore, when purchasing the companion seat, attention should be paid to its strength and mechanism system. These seats are produced as single or double.

Prices of Hospital Furniture

There are determined prices for hospital furniture. However, their prices may vary depending on the manufacturer. The prices of these furniture vary from year to year.

Various materials are used for furniture. These materials must be of good quality and robust. In addition, having orthopedic properties is important for patient health. Prices may vary depending on all these features.


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