Modular Partition Wall

Modüler Bölme Duvarı

Thanks to its modular partition wall, thin walls and soft lines, it enables offices to have a stylish and corporate look. Although it creates a luxurious office atmosphere, it is actually a very economical choice for offices. The modular partition system is the best example of office decoration that can be created without the need for too much budget and ensures that the whole office has a spacious appearance.

Despite being light materials, the modular wall has a very high and durable physical structure. They provide many benefits to companies from fire prevention to sound insulation. In addition, considering the different structural features of the office, the modular partition with different profile options; It has different applications such as steel structure, aluminum profiles, melamine panels and drywall partitions. Since the various parts of the modular building come to be joined to the area to be built, the completion time of the construction phase is much shorter than the traditional construction process. This situation brings along many advantages; It can prevent uncontrolled pollution of the environment, prevent noise pollution and end the process without wasting materials.

Modular Partition Wall Features

It is possible to choose options such as full glass partition, semi-glazed partition, single glazed, double glazed and blinds, acoustic partition walls, depending on the characteristics of the area where the partition wall will be built. The features of these walls are generally as follows;

With the modular partition wall, first of all, a cleaner and more organized appearance is provided, regardless of whether it is an office or another living space.

In addition to obtaining office space and providing a spacious look to the interior, it also offers stylish and original designs with different sound insulation materials to companies in sectors where sound insulation is very important.

Thanks to the office partition wall, the use of office space is maximized by using ultra-thin section areas of 80 mm.

decoration gains prestige.

Thanks to the applied modular wall partition systems, the space can be divided according to the desired features and functions.

Modular Partition Wall Prices

Modular partition wall prices vary according to the materials preferred to be used, although the m2 calculation is mostly studied. The most reliable information about modular wall prices, which also differ according to companies, will be to contact the company that will be preferred.


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