Scattolini / Kocaeli

Scattolini Automotive, in collaboration with Dessamo Furniture, has created a special briefing room for internal communication and collaboration. In this project, we aimed to make briefings, presentations and collaboration meetings more efficient and effective by combining modern design and functionality.

Scattolini Automotive’s briefing room design project supports more efficient and effective briefings, presentations and collaboration meetings with unique furniture and interior arrangements. Every detail was carefully considered in line with the company’s business objectives.

This project inspires Scattolini Automotive employees and offers a work environment that encourages collaboration and innovation. The briefing room design reflects the identity of the company, creating an atmosphere that impresses its guests.

As Dessamo Furniture, we attach great importance to quality, collaboration and creativity in workplace design. If you want to maximize the potential of your workplace and modernize your briefing room, contact us and get more information about our special design projects.

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