School Furniture

School Furniture

School furniture is among the important item models for planning in-school. School furniture is designed in different manufacturing structures according to the nature of the lessons given in schools. Furniture used in schools is preferred in accordance with the interior design of the classrooms.

Items that take their place among school furniture can be listed as follows:

  • Student lockers,
  • Systemic tables,
  • School desk
  • Chairs,
  • Clipboard and whiteboards
  • Conference seats
  • Amphitheater rows
  • Library cabinets,

The items listed above are products used in the category of school furniture and designed in sizes suitable for all age groups. The use of workmanship and materials used in furniture is different for each product. The changes in the furniture have occurred with the popularization of the furniture produced in the new system recently. The new system of desks and school desks have begun to be designed with technological touches.

School Furniture Models

School furniture takes its place among the items that vary as a model. Because the items in the schools are designed in accordance with the student age groups. For example, furniture models used in kindergarten classes; toy cabinets, kindergarten cloakrooms, interest corners, small-sized bookcases, classroom cabinets, corner cabinets, stationery cabinets and kindergarten chairs.

Classroom designs in kindergartens are made in accordance with the psychological and physical development of the children. Therefore, the items and furniture used are preferred in accordance with the age group. Likewise, age is taken into consideration in materials and items used in primary, secondary and high schools. In particular, school desks manufacturing structures are created taking these factors into account.

School Furniture Categories

School furniture, playgrounds used in schools, libraries, study areas are determined according to the age group of the students. Among the them preferred as a category, the school desk is divided into types. Desks are items often used in libraries. There are round and empty table options for students in the kindergarten group.

As the age group grows, the technical features of the table sizes vary. School table sizes are made taking into account the class of the student. School items are also used in boarding schools and dormitories. School furniture options used in places such as dormitories and boarding schools are different in terms of manufacturing features.

School Furniture Prices

School furniture prices vary depending on the type of furniture, material structure and usage areas. When purchasing school desks, the area where the item is to be placed should be taken into account. Furniture prices are examined separately in each category. The prices of cabinet, desk, table systems and chair structures used in schools are different. At the same time, these items are divided into varieties according to the age of the student.

For example, the school locker is designed in minimal dimensions for preschool students. Prices are also determined according to the product functionality and manufacturing structure. The same is true for primary, secondary and high school students. Preferred cabinets, which are larger in size and have locked systems, will be higher in cost. Therefore, the production properties of each item and material are effective on the price.


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