Steel Shelf Systems

Steel shelf systems

Steel shelf systems, also known as portable metal, are robust products that have been used for many years and are suitable for use in all areas. Shelf systems produced by our company are produced using DKP sheet material, which is metal sheet.

The shelf systems you can find in our company contain enough products to meet all your needs due to the variety of usage areas and easy use. Thanks to its quality production and references, it does not cause any health problems. Steel shelves; which are both a rational and robust solution for storage or layout, attract attention with their quality that can be used for many years.

Shelf Systems Usage Areas

Steel shelf systems are quality models suitable for use in many areas. This type of shelf systems are suitable for use in areas such as warehouses and have a very high load carrying capacity. There are many different usage areas such as archive areas and storages. On the other hand, it is possible to use steel shelf systems products for different decoration arrangements.

Shelf systems can be used in hospitals or various clinics, as well as home and office furniture. At the same time, these types of shelves are highly needed in schools and other crowded official offices. Thanks to the opportunities created by our company, you also have the opportunity to customize your steel shelf products according to their models and sizes.

Humid and cold areas are among the places where steel shelf systems should not be used. Due to the damage of the paint in humid areas; corrosion may occur on the steel due to the onset of rusting within 1 to 2 years.

How Are Shelf Systems Manufactured?

Shelf systems created using four different materials; It consists of a steel shelf top, shelf profile, nuts and a protective plastic base. It is coated using its standard gray color. While it varies according to the weight of the materials to be transported; the shelf spacing can be adjusted according to the customers’ request.

The goal of our company is to establish and maintain an effective and sufficient system that fulfills quality standards, respond to all kinds of customers’ needs; and continuously improve this system. Our company, thanks to its modern production systems; maintains its claim of fast production and delivery and easily delivers orders to its customers.

Our team was specially chosen for their passion for materials, processes and fashion. Whether you are browsing our site or visiting our store; we are always ready to share our deep knowledge and understanding of our manufacturers and their crafts.


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